Anthropo-kimeno / Aνθρωπο-κείμενο*

Performance within the frame of a 24-hour
event at FOURNOS Theatre
curated by Jimmy Efthymiou, Athens, 2004

There is nothing out of the Text. Everything is a Narration. In this short performance I am showing the travel of the human being in life, the human steps in Time and Space as a narration, as text-traces. The footprints in this performance are literally text traces.

On the surface of a white paper covering the theatre stage, I lied like an embryo. Slowly I started to move in a circular orbit, at first standing on four and then on two legs. On my feet I was “wearing” stamps in the shape of a footprint. That stamped footprint consisted in a fragmentary text coming out of the Waste Land of T.S. Eliot.

My spiral movement corresponded to the short trip of the human life. As I was moving in that spiral, every step I made was leaving a trace of a fragmentary text on the white floor-canvas. The traces followed the spiral orbit starting in the middle by a bold print and fading progressively the more the steps were moving to the outer circle. After completing those circles of life I disappeared in the darkness out of the stage light area and from there, using a transparent cone filled with small pieces of paper –printed letters and words of the text that I had just left as footprint on the floor-, I started to blow them towards the light, making these fragments of printed letters and words floating in the air and fall a bit later on the area of my stamped footprints.

*meaning literally in Greek “Human-text”; a word-game with the word “ypokimeno” / υποκείμενο: subject